About us

Food Revolution was created to stand for quality. Our goal is to prove that home-delivered food can be a satisfying experience without compromising on looks, taste, or quality. We craft each meal we deliver into a culinary masterpiece, ensuring that our food brings you joy.

We strive to make the food delivery process hassle-free for our customers, allowing them to enjoy ordering and having daily meals with pleasure every day.

Ordering takeout regularly can be a satisfying experience!

At the time, we were quite busy and wanted to save time for ourselves. However, I did not realize that I was trading my health for time.

I had a roommate who was an excellent cook. He had a natural talent for it and never seemed to struggle with any dish. He impressed me daily with his culinary creations, particularly his pork tenderloin and perfectly cooked steaks.
Living beside him, I, as someone who was always in a rush and looking to save time, often resorted to ordering food instead of cooking myself. I used to order a lot of takeaways, but I had a hard time deciding what to get. Unfortunately, the food quality often failed to meet my expectations and dietary needs. Even when I was having a BBQ with friends, we would end up ordering takeout to save time and focus on enjoying each other’s company. However, accommodating everyone’s preferences, dietary needs, and restrictions proved quite challenging.

At the time, we were quite busy and wanted to save time for ourselves. However, I did not realize I was trading my health for time. The quality, origin, and preparation of the food were far below my expectations and did not align with the values we promote and stand for at Food Revolution.
After this realization, I tried to persuade my roommate to cook for me, but he could not sustain this arrangement eventually. As a result, I was left alone with my culinary needs and my belief that all this can be done well.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I desired, a place that prioritizes quality ingredients and offers diverse, visually appealing dishes. The kind of food that makes me want to eat it right away, even if I am not hungry. This is what I expect when I pay for a meal—moreover, my friends and I follow different diets, so this demand is even more important. Have you ever tried ordering food for a whole group from the same place? Accommodating individual dietary needs at the same time makes it a lot more difficult. This is why Food Revolution was created.

I think it is important to see each customer as an individual and not to generalize. I wanted meals prepared according to my dietary needs, and I believe everyone deserves the same.
As a result, my friends trusted me and became the first returning customers.
This is how the Food Revolution started.
I am grateful for their trust in me and in Food Revolution!

We deliver by 12:30 PM

There is one thing better than lunch:
a precisely delivered lunch.

You always get it fresh

Seasonal vegetables and an early start. This guarantees that your meal is of the highest quality.

Meet our chefs - a brief introduction

Are you interested in who prepares your food?

Bocuse D’Or and the two Michelin-starred Stand sprinkled with Richard Branson’s luxury villa. This is me, and this is the background I brought to the Food Revolution team, which became my new family.

During culinary school, I gained fine-dining experience at the Bocuse D’Or. Later, I worked at the two Michelin-starred Stand restaurant alongside Szulló Szabina and Széll Tamás. After the fourth year, my heart pulled me abroad, and I moved to Mallorca. There, I spent a year cooking complete menus in the luxury villa of billionaire Richard Branson for the upper class. The following year, I continued as the creative chef of a local restaurant.

Quality and precision are crucial to me. My team and I work in perfect harmony, and nothing is impossible for us.

Sziszik István

Az északi gasztronómia világának szakértője

Szentpéteri Kristóf

A meat lover

My grandmother was my greatest teacher. The knowledge she shared was enhanced by the experiences at the Four Seasons and Gresham Palace. Additionally, several years spent in Mallorca opened my eyes to the wonders of Mediterranean cuisine and how it can tantalize anyone’s taste buds! I particularly enjoy rotisserie and grilled dishes.

I have been passionate about cooking since I was a little child. I could spend countless hours watching and assisting my grandmother, who was an exceptionally skilled homemaker. This early exposure to gastronomy solidified my career path.

During my student years, I worked in 4 and 5-star hotels in Budapest and Mallorca, Spain, where I cultivated an expertisein Mediterranean cuisine, particularly in preparing fish and seafood.

I gained my best professional experience at the Four Seasons Hotels Gresham Palace, where I spent six years working in various positions in the kitchen and learning from some of the country’s top chefs. My greatest joy came from working at the rotisserie/grill, where I cooked daily for national and international celebrities and developed a love for cooking steaks and meats.

In my free time, I am an enthusiastic sports fan and enjoy traveling to learn about other cultures and countries.

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This is our secret formula

We care about preparation methods. We have high standards when it comes to food prep that are not found in all kitchens. That is why we decided to combine the best of the best and apply our own unique way for the perfect result.

Premium ingredients

The key element of high-quality meals is the perfect ingredient. They are also essential in creating distinct flavours, attractive colours, and appetizing presentations. Our chefs take great care to ensure that each dish is prepared with the right ingredients. It is this attention to detail that makes our meals truly premium.

Outstanding chefs

We have carefully selected our outstanding chefs. We make it a priority to ensure that our kitchen has a distinct personality and represents exceptional quality. Our skilled staff and delicious flavours go hand in hand.
The harmony of these elements brings the greatest satisfaction for our customers.

Happy and satisfied customer

For us, a happy customer is one who appreciates the time we save them and the consistent quality they receive!
Someone who values that we source fresh ingredients directly from the producer and that we always deliver on time. One who supports our commitment to sustainability and reducing waste by using glass containers for our deliveries. Our happy customers are hopefully just like you. Thank you for being here!

Customer feedback

The improvement in the quality of my meals and my overall health has been significant, thanks to Food Revolution bringing delicious meals to the table. It feels like a new restaurant is delivered right to my doorstep every day.
Nagy Attila
Do not hesitate any longer, give it a try and you will not regret it. The staff is very friendly, the food is incredibly good, and the menu is diverse. Oh, and all of it is served in glass containers. I have been ordering from here for over 2 years, and I will continue to do so. Thank you, FoodRevo!
Binder Tamás
Loyal customer
I am thrilled that I have found Food Revolution. I order every week. Personally, I am quite picky, but here I always find delicious meals. It is especially fortunate that you can order larger portions. They have a professional system, are always on time, and most importantly, the quality is restaurant-level.
Nagy Bence
Loyal customer